Gig List

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February 2024
10th – 9pm *Queen’s Head (St Stephens)

17th – 9pm *Foxhole Social Club

23rd – Private Event

24th – 9pm *The Bullers (Looe)

March 2024
8th – 9pm *Carlyon Arms -The Sandy (St Austell)

22nd – Private Event

23rd – Private Event

30th – 9pm *Millbridge inn (Plymouth)

31st – 9.30pm *The Wheelers (Torpoint)

April 2024
6th – 9.30pm *Newquay Rowing Club

13th – 9pm *Lanivet Inn

20th – 9pm *The Bullers (Looe)

26th *Not Available

27th – 9pm *Delabole Working Mens Club

May 2024
3rd – TBC – Driftwood Spars Beer Festival (St Agnes)

4th – 6.30pm *Scooter Club Rally at Camborne Rugby club

17th – 9.30pm *The Rodney Inn (Helston)

June 2024
7th – 9pm *Bunters (Truro)

8th – 8.30pm *The Wootons Inn Tintagel

15th – 9pm *Queen’s Head (St Stephens)

22th – 5pm *St Stephen Social club Ale Festival

23rd – 5pm *The British Legion (St Austell)

29th – 9pm *Millbridge inn (Plymouth)

July 2024
13th – 9pm *The Bullers (Looe)

20th – 9pm – The British Legion (St Austell)

27th – 9pm *The Bridge on Wool

August 2024
3rd – 9pm *The Pitch (St Dennis)

9th – 8pm *Wheal Tor Hotel & Glamping (Liskeard)

16th – 9pm *Carlyon Arms -The Sandy (St Austell)

23rd – Private Event

24th – Private Event

25th – Not Available

31st – 9pm *St Blazey Railway club

September 2024
6th – 9pm *The Bullers (Looe)

7th – 9.30 *The Wheelers (Torpoint)

14th – 9pm *Polperro British legion

21st – 9.30pm *The Rodney Inn (Helston)

October 2024
5th – 9.30pm *Newquay Rowing Club

19th – 9pm *Queen’s Head (St Stephens)

26th – 9pm *St Blazey Railway club

27th – 5pm *The British Legion (St Austell)

November 2024
1st – 8pm *Wheal Tor Hotel & Glamping (Liskeard)

2nd – 9pm *The Bullers (Looe)

22nd – 9pm *Bunters (Truro)

December 2024
7th – 9pm *The Bridge on Wool

21st – Private Event

New Year Eve 2024 – 10pm *The Rodney Inn (Helston)