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Gig List

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I’m sure everyone has heard the news by now that all Pubs and other Leisure venues were closed on the 20th March due to Coronavirus.
This means all gigs will be cancelled.
We want to say a Huge Thank You to everyone and of all the venues who have supported us!

Has we are unsure when we will be able to start gigging again we are going to be leaving our gig list like it was for now.

Please look after and support each other!
And when the world is safe again we will be back.
We will miss you all and cannot wait to entertain you again
Until next time. Stay
Peaceful and keep Safe

True Collision


March 2020
27th - 9pm - The Snow Bar (Snowland Holiday Park in Par)
28th - 9.30pm - Cancelled due to Coranvirus (Band Still Available for shows)
29th - Private Event

April 2020
3rd - 9pm - The Kings Head (Chasewater)
4th - 9pm - The Queens Head (St Stephens)
11th - 9pm - Blue Anchor Inn (Fraddon)
24th - Private Event
- 9pm - The Waterfront Inn (Portreath)

May 2020
1st - 9pm - The Bull's Head (Callington)
8th - 9pm - Carlyon Arms (The Sandy) (St Austell)
9th - 9pm - Plympton Conservative Club
22nd - 9pm - The Rodney Inn (Helston)
23rd - Private Event
29th - 9.15pm - Royal British Legion Club (Newquay)
30th - 9pm - The Wootons Inn (Tintagel)

June 2020
6th - 9pm - The Miners Arms (Redruth)
12th - 9pm - The Tintagel Arms
13th - 9pm - The Rodney Inn (Helston)
19th - Private Event
20th - 9pm - Ruan Minor Football Club (Helston)
26th - 9pm - The Silver Ball (Saint Columb Major)
27th - 9pm - Tregonissey Club (St Austell)

July 2020
4th - 9pm - Prince Of Wales (Falmouth)
10th - 9pm - Tyacks Hotel (Camborne)
11th - 9pm - The Queens Head (St Stephens)
18th - TBC - Purple Day in Aid of The Tanya's Courage Trust (Supporting Young People with Cancer).

19th - 5pm - The White Hart (Truro)
24th - 9pm - The Tintagel Arms

August 2020
1st - 9pm - The Waggoners (Camborne)
8th - 9.30pm -
The Queens Head Inn (St Austell)
14th - 9pm - The Snow Bar (Snowland Holiday Park in Par)
21st - 9pm - The Rodney Inn (Helston)
22nd - 9pm - Blue Anchor Inn (Fraddon)
28th - 9pm - The Bull's Head (Callington)
29th - 9pm - The Waterfront Inn (Portreath)

September 2020
4th - 9.15pm
- Royal British Legion Club (Newquay)
5th - 9pm - The Mount Ambrose Inn (Redruth)
- 9pm - Plympton Conservative Club
13th - 4pm - The Queens Head Inn (St Austell)
18th -9pm - Bunters Bar (Truro)
19th - 9pm - The Masons Arms (Camelford)
25th - Private Event
26th - 9pm - Prince Of Wales (Falmouth)

October 2020
- 9pm - The Queens Head (St Stephens)
10th - 9pm - Buckfastleigh Football Club (Devon)
16th - 9pm - The Tintagel Arms
17th - 9pm - The Waggoners (Camborne)
24th - Private Event
31st - Private Event

November 2020
- Private Event
13th - 9pm - The Snow Par (Snowland Holiday Park in Par)
14th - 9.30pm - Newquay Rowing Club
21st - 9pm - The Albion Pub (Liskeard)
27th - 9.15pm - Royal British Legion Club (Newquay)

December 2020
4th - 9pm - The Tintagel Arms
11th - 9pm - Blue Anchor Inn (Fraddon)
12th - 9pm - The Queens Head (St Stephen)
19th - 9pm - The Waterfront Inn (Portreath)
New Year Eve - Private Event



November 2021
6th -
Private Event
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