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About Us

The Band
We are True Collision. A 3 piece Rock Band from St Austell, Cornwall, in the UK. Who originally formed in 2005
We have played Hundreds of shows all the way from Penzance to Somerset and we are ready and excited to play many more.

Our repertoire includes original material and covers (from the past and present), to suit many tastes.

Loving to entertain, we put a lot of effort into performing really rocking shows! And have been described as a “High Energy Power Trio”.

We have had our music played on the radio including being very lucky to gain the attention of David White on the BBC Radio Cornwall’s “Introducing” show.
Please be assured True Collision always put on a professional show with high quality equipment.

Leon Empel-Newman
Instrument: Guitar and Vocals
Plays: Ernie Ball Musicman Guitars through  Orange Amps with Boss, TC Electronic, CAE, Line 6 and ISP pedals

Influences include: Blink 182, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line, Prince, AC/DC, Van Halen, Cream

Started playing music when he was 16, originally as a bass player.
Joined with school friends including Wayne to play in a Blink 182 inspired band called "Human Mistake", where he also took the role of lead Vocalist.
As the band progressed Wayne joined as the Bass player allowing Leon to switched to his passion of playing Guitar.
After the band ended it finally gave him the chance to do something more original, so along with Wayne they began "Terra Nova", which has now evolved into "True Collision".
He has also been in a couple of college bands "Zero over 12k" and "Freudian Lick".

Wayne Lean
Instrument: Bass and Backing Vocals
Plays: Musicman Bass Guitars through Mesa Boogie Amps

Influences include: Blink 182, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Johnny Cash, Great Big Sea, Metallica, Sum 41

Started playing Bass after leaving school at 16 along with Leon in a band called “Human Mistake”, which was inspired by bands like Blink 182, Green Day and The Offspring.
During the course of the band Wayne left to attend college and universes, this gave him more time to achieve different goals, but also in his spare time to continue improving his bass playing.
When “Human Mistake” ended, him and Leon formed the band “Terra Nova". This was a chance to do something different and simply have more fun. In time “Terra Nova” has now evolved into "True Collision" a more original and expressive live band.

Favourite Quotes:
Their about as Organized as a Monkey in a Filing Cabinet

Dave Jarvis
Instrument: Drums
Plays: Mapex Drums
Born and raised in Tyldesley, near Manchester, Dave played bass in his teens in the band ‘NEW SOCIETY’ - the original drummer went on to better things - and that was the start of Dave’s drumming journey.

1984-1989 "NEW SOCIETY" post punk original music
1989-1991 "SOUND OF IMPACT” (an ‘off shot’ of ‘New Society’) - with new line up, punk rock original music.
1991-1999. Dave took a break from drumming and sold his kit to buy a pram!!!
2000-2002. Dave got together with some friends jamming a few covers… that was it!! – He went out and bought a new kit.
2003-2004 "THE COPPERLITES" rock covers band
2004-2006 "BORN IDLE" back to his roots, - with this fantastic band playing good old punk rock 'n 'roll.
2007-2011 "EDWEENAS PARTY SKOOL" full time show band playing music from all the decades.
2012-2019. Dave moved to Wiltshire where he continued playing in bands, he was with THE SILVER JETS for 3 years, & depped for various other bands around the South West. Next he was the ‘main man at the back’ with ‘Big Mama’s Bannned’!!
2019. After moving to Cornwall he as now joined True Collision! And we all can’t wait to start giging and making a storm!
Favourite Quotes:
Your next gig is only as good as your last rehearsal!
All you need is a bass drum a snare drum and hi-hats to make someone dance! (…Or a water pistol!?)

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